9 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom

June 18th, 2021

1. Utilize pocket doors or sliding doors as opposed to swinging doors. This provides extra floor space and allows more freedom for furniture or décor placement. Conserving space is a must especially for small areas where floor space counts the most.

2. Use a large mirror to create the illusion of a larger room while maximizing the room's lighting. Pairing a mirror with a light source adds more dimension to the atmosphere while bouncing the light around. It can also can serve as a complimentary aspect to the décor.

3. Good lighting is an important key in amplifying your space. Make use of natural light and if it's within your budget, install a skylight or take full advantage of the existing windows that provide the most light. Lighting is crucial in improving the functionality and aesthetic of the bathroom.

4. Run the same tile from the shower wall to the floors. The elevated tile will elongate the space and your eyes will perceive the room as larger than it actually is. Some tile can be reflective and disperse the light throughout the area.

5. Install floating shelves, vanity or basin sink. These wall mounted options are available in a range of sizes and can accommodate every height. They aid in creating a more airy ambiance and freeing up floor space.

6. Frameless glass shower doors allow the greatest amount of light flow and add to the openness of the bathroom. They are sleek and modern and can help to showcase a bright tile choice. They are fully customizable and are a great option to help maximize space.

7. Built in shower niches create a place for storage without taking up extra space. They keep the space clutter-free and are very practical. It can also serve as a focal point for the design of the bathroom.

8. Set clear boundaries of different zones in your bathroom with color or texture on the walls. This helps to differentiate between areas without making the room feel restricted or closed off. It frees up room for more floor space and is a fun way to add a creative touch to the bathroom.

9. Use bright paint choices to illuminate and open up the room. Choose something that reflects the light well and makes the space look inviting. Adding a favorite color to the walls is the perfect way to incorporate a perfectly personalized component to your bathroom.