Granite Defined

June, 29th 2021

Countertops are more than just a functional surface. They can serve as a main focal point of the kitchen and can be used to accent the style of the room. We are often asked to define granite countertops, so we've put together a guide to explain this in greater detail.

What is granite?

Granite is an igneous rock that is a popular material for countertops. Colors range from earth tones to hues of pink or blue, caused by the cooling and solidifying of magma within the earth's crust. Not only does this create beautiful colors, but also makes completely unique variations, patterns and striations within the granite. No two granite countertops are the same! This 100% natural stone, second to diamonds in hardness, is mined from quarries (usually sourced overseas) then sawed into thin slabs that are manageable for transport. From there, the material is polished and manufactured into a countertop while preserving the natural integrity of the stone.


Granite, along with other natural stones, is permeable and bacteria and viruses can easily grow in the tiny capillaries of the rock. Although this material is durable and heat resistant, its porous nature can easily allow stains and marks to settle in. These countertops should be cleaned on a regular basis with a simple solution of soap and water and must be resealed every year to combat stains, the growth of bacteria, and to sustain the countertop texture, to prevent it from becoming too porous. Keeping up with maintenance will prolong the natural beauty of the countertop and will make the cost of the material worth it.


The cost of granite can depend on the style chosen and the size of the surface area. It also may vary based on where the product is sourced overseas. The price of granite falls somewhere in the middle on the spectrum of the different costs of countertop materials, and the elegance and durability makes it something to consider.

Will this feature add value to my home?

Depending on the market, granite countertops may help to improve the value of your home. When compared to ceramic or laminate countertops, the granite definitely has the advantage. Although this won't guarantee a higher resale value, the appeal of natural materials might help your home stand out to future buyers.