Having a Hard Time Picking Between Granite or Quartz

Sept. 24th 2020

Having the proper countertops is what helps tie your kitchen space all together. Choosing the right one for you and your family is an exciting decision and one you shouldn't take lightly. Granite and Quartz may seem similar but each have their unique properties. In this short article, we hope to let you explore the similarities and differences of each one, and depending on your desires, hopefully this information will make your decision easier!

What is Granite? To put it simply, granite is 100% natural stone. The stones that they use to mine this are found from all over the world but they have to grain it down to something that we are able to enjoy for everyday use. If you are a nature lover, granite is your go-to stone! It's highly scratch and heat resistant, and it doesn't get damaged as quickly as other soft stones by harsh chemicals. Granite is able to be maintained easily and if you are quick to clean up the mess, it doesn't stain!

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One of the downfalls of granite, is that it does require a bit more of maintenance than quartz, as you have to reseal it every few years, because it's a bit more porous, as it is 100% natural stone. It comes in beautiful various selections, with a wide range of colors, depending on the style and theme you are going for in your room! A fun fact that few people actually don't know about granite is that at one point, it was molten lava that was underneath the earth's surface in magma, but it crystallized overtime and created a beautiful stone that you may now have displayed in your kitchen or bathroom!

On the contrary to granite, quartz countertops are a man-made stone. It is made up of 90% ground quartz, as well as 10% polyester resins, pigments and more to keep the stone permanently together. Quartz has recently become one of the most popular countertops being sold because of its appearance and minimal maintenance. It has a clean, sleek look with a bit of veining going through it. If you would like more veining, that is something you can also talk to your contractor/designer about!

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Choosing a specific color for your quartz countertop is simpler than granite because you are able to contrast more colors throughout your kitchen. For example, you can have colorful cabinet colors, eccentric backsplash tile, unique pendant lights or other fixtures, etc. Quartz is a great selection to go with, if you would prefer a simple, quiet kitchen. When it comes to maintenance, this countertop is amazing! After installation, there's no need for resealing, no constant maintenance; quartz countertops don't hold on to long term stains!

When deciding between a granite or quartz countertop, they are both great choices for your kitchen. It all boils down to how you personally feel you would prefer the layout, style, theme, and overall feel of your kitchen. If you have any further questions, or would like us to come out and help you decide between the two, as you think about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, feel free to shoot an email our way! We would be thrilled to help you decide which countertop feels more like you and what belongs in your home.