HELP! I Can't Decide on the Hardware!

November 30th 2021

Choosing hardware is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to piecing a room together. A space can look so much better just by having hardware that flows with the overall style of the room.

What is Hardware?

Hardware refers to any kind of metal in your home, including all knobs, handles, hinges, or pulls on cabinets and drawers. Light and sink fixtures can be factored in as well. The hardware you choose should match the style of the room. Outdated hardware is such a drag, you don't need that! Choosing a good hardware style is dependent on the style of your cabinet doors and overall style of your home.

Knobs are more commonly used on cabinet doors, as they are smaller and rounded, whereas pulls are longer and more functional on drawers. However, there is no rule to say whether or not you can mix it up! Pulls also look great on cabinet doors and have become increasingly more popular.

The photos below illustrate these two types of hardware,
Pulls on the left and knobs on the right

Choosing your hardware style

There are quite a few different style types when it comes to hardware. The top most common style types include traditional, contemporary, transitional, modern, and rustic.

  1. Traditional - Timeless designs that aren't too ornate with warm colors and symmetrical lines.
  2. Contemporary - Not to be confused with modern style, contemporary is known as the current trending. Modern design refers to an era of time in the past.
  3. Transitional - Bringing traditional and modern together, creating a perfect middle.
  4. Modern - Eliminating unnecessary detailing, using natural earthy tones, and crisp lines.
  5. Rustic - This can be a broad style, but can be defined as rough, aged and casual. Letting natural beauty shine using wood, stone, and other organic elements.

Below are a few images of the different styles we have worked with.

Kitchen Hardware






Bathroom Hardware






Ornate knobs are a great way to add character and detail. Ornate meaning, designs that are patterned or come in intricate shapes.


Types of metal frequently found in a home include: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, and Wrought Iron.

5 Most Popular Finishes

  • Antiqued - Appears to be tarnished
  • Brushed - A matte finish with paint brush like strokes
  • Hammered - Appears to have small indents to add texture to the surface
  • Polished - Reflective, mirror like surface
  • Satin - Similar to brushed but does not have stroke marks, this finish is the perfect middle ground between matte and polished.

Metal finishes give you even more variety to choose from. They range from light to dark colors and glossy to matte. One thing is for sure: matte black and bronze gold finishes have become more & more popularized in the past couple of years.
Brushed Nickel is a safe, more classic option that won't need much updating any time soon.

Keep in mind, it's your home and you want something that will make you feel that way. Choosing hardware is an exciting step that allows your personality to come to life in the space, however you see fit!