What Cabinets Do You Use For Your Kitchen/Bathroom?

Dec. 22nd, 2020

One of the most popular questions kitchen contractors get asked are what type of cabinets and materials they use for their cabinets. Knowing that you, as a consumer, are getting your money's worth for the investment you're putting in the cabinets is something that should help put your mind at ease.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood composite and is used almost as commonly as particle board cabinets as well. The difference between MDF and particleboard is that MDF cabinets are made up of wood fibers vs. particles and chips so it has the thinner pieces of wood that help make them up.

They are also held together by glue after being compressed into panels and boards. This material is also higher in density, so it has a heavier texture when constructing the cabinets.

A second type of material that many cabinets are made up of is called particleboard. Particleboard is considered an engineered wood alternative.

Particleboard gets its name from being made up of particles and smaller pieces of wood that are compressed and stay together because of glue. This is one type of material that wouldn't allow you to paint or stain the board but if you wanted to change the color, you would have to replace the whole cabinet. Particle board is a great option for your cabinets, if you are not able to make the full investment at the moment but still want some reasonable cabinets!

One of the more popular options for cabinets are laminate cabinets. These cabinets use the same material that are also used for laminate countertops but a much thinner layer.

Laminate is made up of plastic, that fuses with polymer and paper through pressure and heat. This material often will be what is used as the top layer for cabinet boxes and doors that are wood-based because it will make them much easier to clean, day to day.

Lastly, Solid Wood is the highest quality of cabinetry that you have the ability of choosing to install in your home. This type of cabinet material is the most durable. The most popular wood used for cabinets are maple, cherry, pine, and oak.

It is not a composite, and it's also not a few pieces that were placed together to make a solid slab. A good indication that a cabinet or cabinet component is solid wood is when staining is a finish option. If a wood product is engineered wood, then it can't be stained.

There are so many different types of cabinets and materials that can be used for each home. Knowing that the investment you are making in your home is well worth it and you are paying for the top quality product is important. The best type of material you may get for cabinets are solid wood. These allow you to be able to repaint them, restain them, or sometimes just change out the doors. If you are trying to go for some more budget friendly options, then particleboard or MDF are a great substitute!